We are here for a time such as these…

The world has a need. We have a vision. Thank you again to all our supporters who have made what impact we’ve had possible. This isn’t just our calling—it’s our collective movement with you.

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Where were you when Roe was overturned?

A day that will forever be ingrained in our history and our hearts. By Melissa Ohden, Founder and CEO, The Abortion Survivors Network As originally posted by National Right to Life News on June 27, 2022. Like me, I’m sure you’ll always remember where you were and what...

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Redemption at Rider University

Students, parents, friends and personnel eagerly gathered in the Mercer Room on the Rider University Campus on April 8th, 2022.  A yearbook photo and entry of one of their own, Marlene Stonaker, class of ’66, appeared on the screen.  I was speaking that evening as the...

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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love. We all long for it. This month, as love fills the air and our shopping carts, we wanted to share stories of unconditional love surrounding those we serve at The Abortion Survivors Network. Although we've found that the majority of abortion...

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Babies STILL survive abortions TODAY!

From our friends at Pro-Life Action Ministries. Original video found at: youtube.com/ This video is shocking, we know, but sadly, a reality that we need to face in our culture. We first heard about...

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A Weekend With Other Survivors

I survived my mom’s abortion attempts.

At the age of 42, I found out this part of my story and I began to question everything about my life.

Was I wanted and loved or just tolerated?

What did I hold as truth for forty-two years that wasn’t true? 

What else do I not know about my story? 

I struggled with rejection, betrayal, and a whole lot of other emotions. After hours in counseling, I was certain that I was the only one in the world with such a crazy story. 

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