Babies STILL survive abortions TODAY!

From our friends at Pro-Life Action Ministries. Original video found at: This video is shocking, we know, but sadly, a reality that we need to face in our culture. We first heard about...

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A Weekend With Other Survivors

I survived my mom’s abortion attempts.

At the age of 42, I found out this part of my story and I began to question everything about my life.

Was I wanted and loved or just tolerated?

What did I hold as truth for forty-two years that wasn’t true? 

What else do I not know about my story? 

I struggled with rejection, betrayal, and a whole lot of other emotions. After hours in counseling, I was certain that I was the only one in the world with such a crazy story. 

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Little Beginnings, Big Blessings: Amy’s Story

My story is unique in that it has two beginnings. I was born June 6, 1980 in Ashland, Oregon. A young lady who was probably a student at a nearby University learned that she was pregnant. Medical records tell me that she learned of her pregnancy in May of that year...

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Lodene’s Story

In starting this testimony I want to honor my mother, father and our Lord. I am grateful and  humble for this breath of life.  My mother was 22 and a newlywed, when she found out she was pregnant. She was ecstatic,  but my father not. I was conceived on...

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Understanding Trauma: Neuroscience Advancements

Don't let the title stop you from reading! There is certainly a wealth of information in the literature about the science behind trauma and how it affects our bodies and brains, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming or hard to understand. This month, as we highlight...

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The Healing Power of Community

By Denisha Workizer, originally posted December 2020 I remember the day like it was yesterday. The rush of adrenaline made my arms and legs go numb. An empty, hollow feeling surged through my stomach. I held my phone tightly as I read my dad’s reply after I asked if...

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Failed chemical abortion: Denisha’s story

A strong, determined, single mom raised me. In my 40s, I learned a piece of my story that I wasn't aware of until now. In October of 1975, my mom found out that she was pregnant with me. In December, she chose to have a complete DNC abortion. By February, she...

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Claire’s Miraculous Survival: April Survivor of the Month

Growing up in a Christian home as the daughter of missionaries to Costa Rica and Mexico, Claire and her younger sister knew more than anything that they were wanted, chosen and so very, deeply loved. They both also knew they were adopted, and if they ever decided to...

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