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I Regret Taking the Abortion Pill

Maybe you panicked, took the abortion pill, and now regret it. You’re not alone in this regret, but thankfully there’s still a possibility you can save your baby’s life. Learn more about abortion pill reversal and how the lives of many babies have been saved!

I Had An Abortion and It Didn't Work

If you recently had an abortion procedure but it didn’t work and you are still pregnant, you may be scared and worried. The internet is full of horror stories about how your baby may be born with deformities, urging you that another abortion is necessary. However, a repeat abortion is not your only option. We’re here to help you navigate this challenging situation to find hope and peace in your next steps.

My Baby Was Born Alive After I Took the Abortion Pill

Perhaps you’re struggling with the weight of emotions after your baby survived an attempted abortion. You’re not alone. In fact, we estimate there are over 85,000 mothers just like you whose babies were born alive after an attempted abortion. Whether your abortion was 5 months, 5 years, or 25 years ago, we’re here to help support you.

My Abortion Didn’t Work

Abortion sometimes doesn’t have the expected outcome.

All abortion methods, including saline, D & C, D & E, vacuum aspiration, and the abortion pill, have the possibility of failure. Maybe you attempted to abort at home by ingesting chemicals or inflicting trauma on your body in an attempt to induce an abortion. 

Physical pain, the size of the baby, or a change of heart can all be reasons for stopping a procedure. It’s even possible you were unknowingly pregnant with twins or multiples, and the abortion took the life of only one of the babies you were carrying.

Whatever your reason for choosing the abortion, now that it didn’t work you have another choice to make. Your search online may have filled your mind with images and stories of people born with deformities after an attempted abortion but you aren’t sure you can go through the trauma of another abortion.

There’s hope. We’re here to support you on this journey and a repeat abortion doesn’t have to be the conclusion of this chapter.

Many women have gone on to successfully carry their pregnancies to term and give birth to healthy pregnancies. We can connect you to local resources and support to help you navigate your next steps and learn more about your progressing pregnancy.

My Baby Was Born Alive

If this is your story and you struggle with the weight of it, you’re not alone.

In fact, it’s estimated that in the nearly five decades of legal abortion during Roe v. Wade, 85,000+ babies were born alive after an abortion attempt!

Though every woman’s failed, stopped, or reversed abortion is different, one thing is true: The abortion didn’t work and your baby survived.

Whether you kept your child, placed them for adoption, told them their story, or are keeping it a secret, we want to provide healing for the pain from your unique experience and offer the support you need.

Many women carry this secret for years, even decades. But no matter your reasons or your story, we’re here for you.

Join Our Community That Supports Families of Survivors

There are many who have been in this place before you, and we invite you to meet them! We have a support group for parents of survivors that will understand the emotions you may be feeling and for you to truly know you are not alone in this journey…and that it can become a beautiful one!

Hope and healing are available to you today. Please let us know how we can help you. We have many resources available. We promise to keep all of your contact information completely confidential.


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