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Where there is LIFE, there is HOPE
Facing the aftermath of a failed, stopped or even a successfully reversed abortion can be overwhelming, uncertain, and a lifetime journey. We understand. 

Led by an abortion survivor and supported by a an experienced team we’re uniquely qualified to lead and serve.

Our mission is clear: to end the generational trauma of abortion by saving the lives of abortion survivors at the first chance of intervention—offering answers, hope, supportive relationships and healing for women, survivors and families.

Here’s how we make a difference:
Providing Truth and Hope: We offer a beacon of light for women navigating failed, stopped, or reversed abortions. You’re not alone. We’re here to guide you.
Bridging the Research Gap: We’re dedicated to filling the gaps in knowledge about short and long-term outcomes for abortion survivors and women. Their experiences matter.
Evidence-Based Support: Our programs are rooted in best practices, ensuring women, survivors and families receive the highest standard of care and information and that we share this with other professionals across disciplines.

Who do we serve?

Moms who’ve experienced a failed, stopped, or reversed abortion• Adoptive parents providing love and care for survivors
The brave survivors themselves, both children and adults
Professionals and policymakers who need information, real-life stories and data 

Anchors of Strategy:
• Research: We’re committed to advancing knowledge to save lives and provide the best care.

• Evidence-Based Care: Our practices are grounded in solid research and proven results.
• Training: Empowering a movement to reach and serve more women and families.

Ways we implement our strategy: 
• One-on-One Support: Tailored guidance for moms, survivors and families.
• Group Support: Connect with others who’ve walked a similar path.
• Community: Building a network of understanding and strength.
• Shaping the Conversation through: 
• Public Affairs: Advocating for change on a global scale.
• Advocate and Ambassador Programs: Spreading awareness about failed, stopped and reversed abortions and understanding of abortion survivors.

Babies survive abortions. Women need answers, help, and hope.   Our culture needs data and stories that humanize


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