The Abortion Survivors Network is the only support and advocacy organization worldwide for the babies who have survived abortion and their families. Its groundbreaking research on Canadian data indicates there were minimally 1,734 abortion survivors in the U.S. alone in 2020. Forty-nine years of Roe would fill more than a Super Bowl stadium!

Since 2019, the Abortion Survivors Network has connected with nearly 650 survivors, healing them with healing groups, empowering them with community support, and equipping them to find and use their voice. Where you see abortion survivors in the media, at events, or in policy hearings, the Abortion Survivors Network is the driving force.

No one humanizes abortion the way abortion survivors do. In 2023, ASN is launching its Ambassadors program, activating survivors in their states to make them visible and abortion unthinkable. Additionally, ASN is launching collaborative training in how to respond to and support women after failed chemical abortions in this new post-RoeAmerica.

Since producing this video in 2021 we have served over 650 abortion survivors and estimate the number of babies who survive abortions to be 1,734 every year. Learn more about our research here.