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“I found so much more at the Abortion Survivors Network than I could have ever imagined. Peace, love, and, most importantly, family. A family of survivors.”

Mica, An Abortion Survivor

We Are Transforming Lives

The word transformational means life-changing. That is the goal of the Abortion Survivors Network. We are deeply committed to healing the wounds of abortion and shifting our culture.

You can help us end the generational trauma of abortion.

What would happen if women knew that their abortion might fail? 

What would happen if they knew that during the process of some abortion procedures, they could stop it and carry the surviving baby to term?

What would happen if they knew that chemical abortions can be reversed after the first pill was taken?

What would happen? Eyes would be opened to the truth about abortion and the generational cycle broken.

With your support, we can radically impact the lives of survivors, their families, the pro-abortion cultural narrative, and, ultimately, our world.

We Are A Community

We are building a community of abortion survivors, women and families impacted by abortion attempts and supporters who understand the strength that comes through our common bond. Together, we are humanizing the inhumane issue of abortion. We are healing, speaking out and letting the world know that babies survive abortion and there is hope even where there is life.

Join The Movement

Show your support of survivors, their mothers and fathers, families and the preborn by partnering with us through your financial gifts, prayer, volunteering, or joining with us in raising awareness. Break the cycle of media and cultural silence by sharing survivors’, mothers’ and families’ stories, participating in our events, responding on social media, or iniviting us as speakers and experts on the topic of abortion attempts, healing, adoption, and much more.

We cannot make this impact or spread this message without you. Your support brings healing to abortion survivors and their families. Join us today!


Your gifts help heal lives as we connect abortion survivors with one another. Survivors have significant emotional, mental, and physical needs that have gone unmet for decades until The Abortion Survivors Network was established. Please consider giving a gift or making a regular monthly donation so we not only support the survivors of today, but those of tomorrow as well.


Volunteers are always needed for any organization to grow and thrive. The Abortion Survivors Network relies on the help of our wonderful volunteers who give so much of themselves. Whether speaking, administratively serving, or supporting other survivors, you are needed. Join us as we offer hope and healing to abortion survivors around the world.


Abortion survivors are speaking out and the world is learning the truth, babies do survive abortion. Join us at any one of our national events or plan on particpating in your local pro-life movement. Together, we will build a community of survivors!


Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a day set apart to pray for the unborn and remember the millions of lives lost to abortion. For abortion survivors and their families, SOHL is more than a day. It is a lifelong journey of healing. The world deserves to know we exist and to learn the truth about abortion.


If you feel called to pray for abortion survivors, their families, and the unborn, we need you on our team. God's word says, "the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." Our goal is to provide help, hope, and healing to those dealing with the after effects of a failed abortion. Join us in prayer!

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Stay informed and involved by signing up for our monthly newsletter. Learn about our mission as we share the stories of survivors and their journey of healing from failed abortions. Get caught up on pro-life legislation and find out how you can participate on a local and national level.

Get Involved

Get involved with the Abortion Survivors Network to change lives and help abortion survivors heal and move forward. Here are six actions you can take to make a difference. 1. Donate Survivors across the country have unmet and significant emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and physical needs. As our organization works to meet these needs and


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