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Data And Facts

1,734 Infants survive abortions in the US every year When it comes to abortion, the United States is lacking quality data. Abortion recording requirements in the US are often either missing or else full of inconsistencies and gaps. As things currently stand, the only reasonable estimates of the number of born alive abortions must come


The Faces of Choice Abortion survivors have a unique perspective no one else can offer. Speaking to someone who has experienced firsthand the physical and emotional effects of abortion as an infant can be a powerful way to gain a deeper understanding of the issue and to help spread awareness. Survivors are literally the faces

Advocates and Ambassadors

No one humanizes abortion the way abortion survivors do. In 2023, we're launching our Ambassadors program, activating survivors in their states and regions in the U.S. (coming soon to International regions) to make them visible and abortion unthinkable.


The Abortion Survivors Network Education and Policy Center informs and shapes public opinion on pro-life issues and advocates for policies that protect both the unborn and survivors of abortion.


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