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Do you have a heart for abortion survivors and their families? Are you a survivor yourself and looking to get involved in our mission? We have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, and we’d love to add you to our volunteer team!

Opportunities to Volunteer

Gift Baskets

We love gifting our newest survivors with gift baskets! It’s a sweet gesture that welcomes them to our network, and also starts them on a path to healing with our workbook and other trauma care items. We also create custom baskets for surviving babies and their mothers, as well as young survivors who can use support throughout the year, such as their birthday. This volunteer opportunity is perfect for anyone who loves the excitement of wrapping and giving special, life-changing gifts.

Lend a hand and fill our baskets with love or donate items for us to add to them. Volunteers assemble baskets off-site and bring them to our headquarters located in the Kansas City area.

Please note, we will not share any identifying information with volunteers to protect our survivors. Even though you may not see the reaction a survivor will have to the gift, know it will touch them deeply.

Prayer Team

We need and appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know!

As a member of the prayer team, you will receive alerts for prayer requests from our team and survivors. While our survivors’ identities remain anonymous, the Lord will know exactly who you’re praying for.

Administrative Volunteer

This volunteer position is on an as-needed basis. If you’re located in the Kansas City area, you can volunteer to help us with administrative tasks as they happen.

One of our common tasks is sending out lots of letters. If you want to donate your time and can stuff and seal envelopes, please reach out to us. We’d love your help!

Event Volunteer

We host events across the country each year to support abortion survivors and their families. This volunteer position involves linking arms with ASN to spread the word.

If you see an upcoming event in your area, please share the message to help us reach and serve those who need us the most! If you’d like to help us hold an event in your area, please reach out.

Staff Positions

As we continue to grow, we will be adding new staff positions. For those who feel called to give help and hope, please let us know in the volunteering form below!

Interested in Volunteering?

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