“a person who represents, speaks for, or advertises a particular organization, or group of people.”

Putting A Name, Face, And Voice To Survivors of Abortion

No one humanizes abortion the way abortion survivors do. In 2023, we’re launching our Ambassadors program, activating survivors in their states and regions in the U.S. (coming soon to International regions) to make them visible and abortion unthinkable.

We currently have several connected, empowered, and equipped abortion survivors speaking at State Marches for Life, testifying at legislative hearings, and speaking at state and local Right to Life events.

With the launch of the Ambassador program, you can connect with them directly. Until the launch, please get in touch with us at: for questions regarding activating and amplifying abortion survivors in your area.

Keep checking back to this page and follow us on social media to discover who your state ASN Ambassadors are and how you can connect with them to advance a culture of life together!

Are You Interested In Becoming An Ambassador?

Do you want to advance a culture of life in your state and region? You will not only share your story as an abortion survivor but also be trained and equipped as a pro-life leader and activist. Contact us for more information about eligibility requirements, expectations, training, and opportunities: