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Healing Resources For Abortion Survivors And Families:

  • Free healing curriculum You Are More, A Survivor’s Guide to Healing
  • Custom curated healing support items based on a survivor’s age, which includes books and videos by and about survivors, human development, identity.
  • Self-guided Healing curriculum video series
  • Free and confidential access to a social worker
  • Join our community of survivors for peer support
  • Private online groups for adoptive parents, biological mothers raising their surviving child
  • Case management and referral for complex medical and mental health needs 


Abortion Survivor Data:

If you are looking for actual numbers to show how many infants survive abortion and the impact that born-alive legislation can have, visit our data page. You will find how we determined that approximately 2 out of every 1,000 abortions result in an accidental live birth. These numbers indicate how vital and relevant legislation that protects both the unborn and survivors of abortion is in the United States.

Medication Abortion Data: 

Medication abortion, also known as a “medical abortion,” “abortion with pills,” or “at-home abortion,” has been increasingly used as an alternative to surgical abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. There are many potential risks and side effects associated with this procedure–especially when the pills are taken at home. One risk includes the possibility of a continuing pregnancy where the infant is met with various health challenges resulting from the abortion attempt. Defects of a continued developing fetus are referred to as teratogenicity. Learn more about medication abortion at the link below.

Request an Interview With an Abortion Survivor:

Speaking to someone who has experienced firsthand the physical and emotional effects of abortion as an infant can be a powerful way to gain a deeper understanding of the issue and to help spread awareness. You are invited to sit across from a survivor, whether in person or virtually.

Contact Sarah, Our Head of Public Affairs:

Sarah is the founder of Sapphire Government Strategies and runs our Policy branch at the Abortion Survivors Network. With an extensive background in Federal government relations, Sarah’s emphasis on integrity, relationships, and commitment to the cause of life is an asset that is unmatched in the pro-life movement.

If you are seeking a survivor testimony, a pro-life amicus brief, or have other important policy requests, please reach out to Sarah at


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