We’re Making An Impact

Through our efforts, abortion survivors are breaking the media’s silence on abortion. Survivors in our Network have been featured on TV and radio shows, including Fox & Friends, Focus on the Family, Hannity, the Eric Metaxas show, The Mike Huckabee Show, EWTN, BBC, The Daily Mail, Breitbart, The 700 Club, Studio 10, The Sun, and countless more.

Survivors who connect with The Abortion Survivors Network are frequent guests on panels like the Value Voters Summit and speakers at rallies like Focus on the Family’s Alive from New York and The March for Life.

Our reach has also led to survivors being featured in documentaries, including Not Their Choice, produced by Fox Nation, and Benjamin Watson’s soon-to-be-released documentary, Divided Hearts of America. In 2020, survivors from The Abortion Survivors Network humanized the unborn and survivors in a ground-breaking way. We collaborated with our friends at Faces of Choice on the Face the Choice ad. They attempted to run it as a Super Bowl ad. Read more about this campaign and how the media attempted to silence us here.


Media Requests

If you’re a media outlet or organization that would like to humanize the issue of abortion with our Network, click below to request more information.

Meeting With A President

Our Founder and Director, Melissa Ohden, MSW, has testified before Congress multiple times and is often called as an expert witness around the world. She was even invited to the Oval Office in 2019 to talk to President Trump about pro-life issues!

Raise Your Voice

Opportunities exist for interested survivors to participate in education and awareness campaigns and in interviews in local, national, and international media. We provide training in speaking, apologetics, working with the media, and so much more to help you use your voice.