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There is hope that abortion will end.

There is hope that even in the midst of the devastation of abortion, we are making a difference.

Survivors are a living example of that hope.

Let us help you dispel the lies that the unborn aren’t human beings with inherent dignity and value.

Let us help you dispel the lies that abortion is a choice and a right. Although there are many survivors both within our Network of connected survivors and outside of it who share their story publicly and speak at events, our Network has specific requirements in training, experience and documentation of a survivor’s experience for inclusion on our Speaker’s Page.

For survivors who you read about who aren’t included on this list, we encourage you to reach out to them directly by visiting their website or organization. If you have problems reaching them, please let us know and we’ll assist you in reaching them to the best of our abilities.

**Each survivor listed below handles their own speaking engagements or has their own specific contact for speaking events listed below. Please check back often as we add more trained speakers to our bureau.

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Panels of abortion survivors are educational and impactful!
For more information on an entire panel, contact us at:


Melissa Ohden

Melissa is a survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion. You can contact Melissa through


Ambassadors, as seasoned advocates within The Abortion Survivors Network, bring a wealth of perspective and insight to the realm of abortion awareness. Each ambassador has a unique abortion survival story and is an experienced public speaker. They represent the abortion survivor community across the nation and around the world, saving and transforming lives, families, and our culture. Ambassadors bring authentic depth and authority to pro-life discussions.


Lauren Eden

Lauren is the survivor of a second-trimester abortion. Lauren can be reached at


Michele Smith

Michele Smith survived a pre-Roe chemical/saline abortion attempt along with helping her three children walk through their unplanned pregnancies and the birth of her three grandchildren within just a few weeks of each other.   Michele can be reached at to speak either alone or with her sister, Rosemarie Fenchel (NJ), also listed as an ASN Speaker/Abortion Survivor (NJ).

New Jersey

Rosemarie Fenchel

Rosemarie “Rose” Fenchel survived a pre-Roe chemical/saline abortion attempt. She shares this survival experience with her sister, Michele Smith, who is eleven months younger than her. She can be reached at for speaking engagements either alone or with her sister, Michele Smith, also listed as an ASN Speaker (LA).


Kim Marvin

Kim is the survivor of an abortion attempt pre-Roe. Kim can be reached at


Michelle Lyman

Michelle is the survivor of a back alley abortion attempt. Michelle can be reached at


ASN Advocates use their experience as abortion survivors and their life experiences to speak in their state, region, and community about the reality that babies survive abortions. If you’re looking for a unique and compelling perspective to bring to your pro-life event, invite someone who has experienced firsthand the physical and emotional effects of surviving an abortion. By replacing the often obscure image of abortion with a human face, their stories become potent testimonies that resonate powerfully with audiences.


Priscilla Hurley

Priscilla survived a D&C procedure that doctors believe took the life of her twin. Priscilla also knows the impact of abortion through having two abortions and working in an abortion clinic. Priscilla can be reached at

New York

Willard Lamont

Willard is the survivor of at-home attempts to abort him pre-Roe. Willard can be reached at


Mica Clay

Mica was abandoned at a clinic in Minnesota after she survived a failed abortion (believed to be vacuum aspiration). She was also left with her 2-year-old brother and shortly they were both placed in foster care. Mica can be reached at

Global Speakers


Janice Speirs

Janice is the survivor of both at home attempts to abort her and a follow up D&C. Janice can be reached at

Sri Lanka

Julian Vincent

Julian survived an at-home attempt to abort. Julian can be reached at


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