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When Amy first connected with us three years ago, she was shocked (like most survivors are) to find out she wasn’t alone. I have been deeply honored to watch Amy heal, be empowered, grow stronger, find her medical records that detail the abortion she survived, start to communicate with her biological family and find and use her voice.

She went from saying, “I will NEVER share my story publicly,” to saying, “YES! I was born for this!” when we asked her to share her story in a chapter of my upcoming book, More Than A Choice: Abortion Survivors Break Their Silence. This groundbreaking book will be released in January 2024 by a major Christian publisher.

Amy said “YES!” when we sent her name to the Susan B. Anthony List for a National ad campaign to educate and impact our culture about the humanity of the preborn as the Supreme Court was hearing oral arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. Roe v. Wade, Amy’s intended death sentence, met its demise, thanks in part to her courageous, healed voice.

Melissa Ohden – Founder and Director


Finding the Abortion Survivors Network has been a blessing and it has been amazing to get to know other survivors of abortions. When I first connected with Melissa, this group had just under 200 survivors that they had connected with, and to date, this group has grown to over 600 survivors worldwide. I never imagined that I’d have friends in Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, or South Africa! This network offers a healing program for abortion survivors and going through this process alongside others has been life-changing for me.

It has grown my heart and expanded my faith in ways I can’t even express properly. I now see more clearly, the “big picture” of my life’s story and God’s plan. Did you know He has a plan for each and every one of us? I have been able to reach a place of forgiveness for my birth parents and I pray for them often. My birth parents are people just like you and I who are loved by their Heavenly Father and worthy of the same grace and forgiveness that He gives me.

The Abortion Survivors Network hosts events to spread the word about survivors to a world that doesn’t even know people like me are a thing. By speaking up survivors are given the opportunity to share their stories (some for the very first time!). This allows us to speak the truth and to give a face and name to “choice.” I have been blessed with opportunities to share my story on the news and other media sources. I’ve been able to talk to groups in Texas and Washington DC. I even got to participate in an interview for a pro-life event in Ireland! All the new friends and traveling have been a fun change for me.”



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