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SCOTUS ruling on Mifepristone–ASN’s response

The Abortion Survivors Network (ASN) is deeply disappointed in the SCOTUS decision to uphold the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy of allowing mail-order abortion drugs.  While the court determined the case did not have standing, we stand with every woman and child hurt by Mifepristone

“We know that the FDA saw the dangers in this pill when it was introduced, but the pill hasn’t changed. The only thing that’s changed is the risk the FDA is willing to take with the lives of women and children,” Melissa Ohden, Founder and CEO of The Abortion Survivors Network states. 

ASN routinely hears from women who have experienced a failed abortion with drugs like Mifepristone who aren’t provided proper medical, social, and emotional support.  It’s a disappointing day for those who support women’s health and the health and well-being of preborn children. Yet we still have hope for future cases and protection. Where there is life, (like in the survival of babies from abortion drugs), there is hope. 

The Abortion Survivors Network encourages all policymakers to pursue active steps to support women experiencing failed abortion drugs and the babies who survive them, starting with a federal directory of known outcomes after failed abortion drugs and birth defects.

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