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“I took both abortion pills and it didn’t work.”

A birth mother

What should I do if I took both abortion pills and I’m still pregnant?

First, take a deep breath! We know many emotions and thoughts are running through your head right now. You are not alone, whether you feel confused, afraid, guilty, or even relieved. Many have been in this place before you.

*Note: If you’ve taken only one pill, abortion pill reversal is still possible! Find out more here.

Some babies do survive after both medication abortion pills are taken. Have you considered that your baby is still here for a purpose? As survivors ourselves, we were once in your baby’s position, and despite the odds, we survived.

We believe that everyone has dignity and purpose, no matter how small. You and your child do, too! We would love to support you as you continue this journey with your child.

So, what now?

We suggest you visit a local pregnancy resource center to get an ultrasound and seek life-affirming medical care. They will help answer your questions about how you and your baby are doing physically.

If you need help finding referrals and assistance, we would love to get you connected with those to help walk you through this journey. There is help available to you!

From financial aid to local support groups, sometimes we just need to know where to find it. We are here for you.

Join our community that supports families of survivors

Many have been in this place before you, and we invite you to meet them! We have a support group for parents of survivors that will understand the emotions you may be feeling and for you to honestly know you are not alone in this journey…and that it can become a beautiful one!

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