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We are here for a time such as these…

“Seven in 10 Americans don’t think politicians “are informed enough” about abortion to “create fair policies” — a position held by majorities of both Democrats and Republicans, according to the survey of more than 20,000 adults” as reported today by Politico

This data released by the 19th/Survey Monkey poll in August, highlights a top issue for both parties with the November election looming. 

Although we’re as discerning as you are about such polls, The Abortion Survivors Network has long seen that State and Federal legislators are limited in their understanding of abortion, and particularly around failed abortions and abortion survivors.

Thanks to our generous supporters, and the inception of our 501c3 and 501c4 organizations, we’ve made inroads in educating the public and legislators, shaping policy, and continuing to build on years of experience and expertise. 

This is an age of misinformation–and outright lies–about abortion. There’s never been a more important time for us to educate, inform, and equip our supporters, policymakers, adoption professionals, pro-life pregnancy center staff, medical professionals, and the general public, about the incidence of failed abortions, the impact those abortions have on the surviving child, the woman who had the abortion, the extended family, our medical and mental health systems, our culture. 

As I shared last night at Pray. Vote. Stand. in Atlanta with Tony Perkins and the Family Reseach Council, my two priorities going forward in our movement are: (1) healing for all impacted by abortion, (until people are healed, the battle to rebuild a culture of life will be an uphill one) and (2) redoubling our efforts to educate people (about all things we may take for granted as known truths—the humanity of the preborn, the realities of abortion survivors, the work of pregnancy centers).

We aren’t just called to serve abortion survivors and families impacted by failed abortions–unserved for decades. 

We’re the experts on these circumstances. 

We’re the only organization that has key qualitative and quantitative data about these issues. We are the organization who can seat abortion survivors at the table for discussions of “what’s next” in post-Roe America. 

Knowing our important role, we’ve redoubled our efforts and are making plans to build an informational clearinghouse where you’ll be able to access information. Information about the incidence of failed abortions, it’s impact physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, how parents can support a survivor in knowing their story, easily access survivor interviews and videos and so much more.

Targeted materials and training resources for pregnancy centers, a front line defense in saving the lives of children at risk for being aborted (not just once, but even a second time after an abortion has failed and a woman is contemplating what she’s going to do in the face of this circumstance-carry or have another abortion), similar materials for adoption agencies (who work with birth moms making an adoption plan after a failed abortion), and adoptive parents who struggle with knowing when and what to tell their adoptive child about their abortion survival. We’re hard at work organizing what we know into materials that will help you in your work.

Much progress was made on June 24, 2022, but there’s still so much work to be done.

As we rebuild a culture of life, we are building a new website with this clearinghouse, these training and informational materials. We’re publishing groundbreaking data that you’ll see in upcoming weeks. We’re planning webinars to reach key policymakers and the general public who need to know the truth about abortion. We’re adding survivor panels to middle, high school and college campuses across the country. We’re planning educational videos featuring powerful survivor’s, mother’s, and families’ stories. 

The world has a need. We have a vision. Thank you again to all our supporters who have made what impact we’ve had possible. This isn’t just our calling—it’s our collective movement with you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make a difference in the lives of abortion survivors and families, and meet this huge need in post-Roe America in teaching and reaching policymakers, professionals, the public with our information, connect with Alli, our VP of Marketing and Communications. 

If you’re a policymaker or policy organization, now is the time to be on point with your data and information. Sarah and Alayna at The Educational Policy Center are here to equip you.

If you’re an abortion survivor, mother who has experienced a failed abortion, or adoptive family impacted by a failed abortion, our programming team is here for you and you’re why we do what we do

We’re still here for such a time as this.



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