Melissa's New Book


My experience with ASN has far exceeded my expectations. I first learned about ASN in July of 2022 through my younger sister. She encouraged me to also be a part of ASN as it would help us both. I joined, not fully grasping all ASN had to offer survivors.

I began the healing group with my sister in September 2022. Although working through the healing workbook was difficult at times, uncovering raw or buried wounds, I am so glad I did it. Working through it with my sister was such a blessing. I learned things about myself that I never knew were inside me.

The chapter on trauma in the womb was so eye-opening and helped me understand why I behaved like I did my whole life. Priscilla and Kara facilitated our healing group and were so gentle, understanding, and loving toward us as we walked through the healing process. Not that I have arrived, but I know as a believer that I can come from a place of victory instead of defeat. Next, on to speaker’s training.


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