Melissa's New Book


ASN has been incredibly beneficial to my life in so many ways.  I felt that I was set free when I was finally able to open the door that had previously been locked and said “Do Not Disturb” written on it. I was the skeleton in my closet. Just discovering that I am not alone and that there are others who really understand has been monumental. The fact is a lot of us have carried this knowledge for more years than we may like to admit. We have not had the support, connection, or even knowledge of any other survivors!

When I joined the healing group at ASN two years ago, I found a group of people who quickly became my second family. These were people from all over the world!  As we went through the journey of the healing group together we became incredibly close. Having a group of people who really understand what being an abortion survivor is like is nothing short of a miracle. We were finally able to discuss our personal pains openly and ease the ache of trauma and rejection together. As we went through the Healing Workbook that Melissa created, there was such a sense of family.  We had a safe place to share our deepest wounds and support each other no matter what stage of healing we were at individually. 

This vital support network has given me a safe place to truly be able to talk about the ‘unspeakable subject’ of being an abortion survivor. To talk about who I am and what I’ve been through. A place where I can bare my soul to this caring family of fellow survivors. Not only in sharing our hurts and challenges with each other, but also encouragement and hope. Since I have always been a Pro-Life “closet” supporter, this has given me the encouragement I needed to step out with my truth. The truth is that I did survive an abortion by God’s grace, and I will go where He leads me. 

I would also say that being a member of ASN has undeniably made me a much more confident version of myself. I used to feel isolated- like nobody understood what it was like to be a survivor, but now I have SO many people who understand. People who I can call on a whim to discuss struggles, or to just have a good laugh with and enjoy some genuine camaraderie.  I no longer feel like I am alone, but that I am one of thousands who have survived.

I finished Speakers Training in June, and made my first public testimony in July at the Empowered By Life conference in Austin, Texas. Although this was extremely challenging for me, it was such an accomplishment to be able to share the deepest, most hidden and tender part of my life.  It was so liberating to be able to share the story with people who were supportive, helpful, interested and ready to learn. Sharing our stories is so important. There is a reason we survived!

I will never be able to thank ASN enough. Especially Melissa, for enacting her vision of connecting all of the survivors in the world, uniting them under one umbrella to help and empower each other. I am forever grateful to ASN for giving us all a home base, a place to heal, to feel accepted, a place to grow. A place to actually get the tools we need so we can do whatever it is God has called us to do. Simply put- it has been an absolute life changer.


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