Thank you for your interest in having a survivor speak! 

The world needs to hear survivor’s stories, and we’re so thankful we can help you achieve your mission and facilitate healing. 

Although there are many survivors both within our Network of connected survivors and outside of it who share their story publicly and speak at events, our Network has specific requirements in training and experience for inclusion on our Speaker’s Bureau list. 

Please check back often, as we update the list. 

For survivors who you read about who aren’t included on this list, we encourage you to reach out to them directly by visiting their website or organization. If you have problems reaching them, please let us know and we’ll assist you in reaching them to the best of our abilities.

Each survivor listed below handles their own speaking engagements or has their contact for speaking events listed below.

Melissa Ohden - Missouri

Melissa is a Survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion. You can contact Melissa @ 

Hope Hoffman and Terri Kellogg - Florida

Hope is a Survivor of a failed D & C abortion and her adoptive mother, Terri, speaks with her You can contact Hope and Terri at:

Josiah Presley - Texas

Josiah is a Survivor of a failed D & C abortion. You can contact Josiah @ 

Jennifer Milbourn - California

Jennifer is a Survivor of a vacuum aspiration abortion. You can contact Jennifer @

Melody Olson - Minnesota

Melody is a Survivor of illegal abortion and Post-abortive. You can contact Melody @

Dawn Milberger - Texas

Dawn is a Survivor of multiple self-abortive attempts prior to legalized abortion. You can contact Dawn @