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Thea Barry

Survivor Connections Coordinator

Born and raised in Georgia, Thea Barry has been active in the pro-life community since childhood. From a young age she knew one thing, that she wanted to help others. This led to pursuing a career in social work and specifically honing in on a desire to serve women in crisis and the babies they carried. Thea joined the Abortion Survivors Network in mid-2023 after spending the last thirteen years working as an adoption professional. Thea has extensive experience and specialized training in case management, the de-escalation of abortion-minded scenarios, in the operation of local pregnancy centers throughout the Southeast, and in counseling women and men through crisis experiences. She is dedicated to the preservation of life within and outside of the womb. She joins the ASN as the Survivor Connections Coordinator to help connect abortion survivors with the community and resources needed during their healing journey.

Outside of her professional life, Thea is married to her college sweetheart. Together they have four children, three biologically and one through the gift of adoption. They are blessed to have an open adoption with both of their sons’ birth parents and consider them to be family. Thea has a love for gardening and taking care of plants, as well as going on walks with her golden doodle, Maple.


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