Our Story

Nobody should have to experience the pain of abortion and being shamed into silence.

We know what it’s like to feel helpless and hopeless. We’ve been there, ourselves.

We understand how it feels to be dismissed and silenced because of your experience and beliefs.

We’re your voice.


Our Mission

To create a world where the incidence of failed abortions and the lives of survivors is openly discussed and accepted, and survivors and their families are supported and healed.

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Our Vision and Values

Envision with us a world where every human being is seen as more than a choice.

We believe that every human being is more than a choice. We believe that survivors deserve to know they aren’t alone, and that survivors and their families deserve healing and support.


We believe that as survivors and their families are healed, they will find their voice, and no matter how and where that voice is used, it is impactful.


We also believe that the world deserves to know the truth about failed abortions and the existence of survivors.


We firmly believe that as survivors and families are supported and the public educated about the incidence of failed abortions and the lives of survivors, that a culture of life will be restored and abortion will be unthinkable.

About Us

The Abortion Survivors Network (ASN) is the only advocacy and support group for abortion survivors and their families world-wide. We’re a leading voice that humanizes the unborn, survivors of abortion and all impacted by abortion, like you. ASN was founded by saline abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden, MSW, when she learned how abortion didn’t just silence and dehumanize her and her biological mother, but each and every one of us.

We provide HELP, HOPE, and HUMANIZE, by:

Providing social and emotional support to survivors and their families
Raising awareness in the public about the incidence of failed abortions and the experiences of abortion survivors
Advocating for the unborn, and giving a voice to all affected by abortion.

Since 2012, Abortion Survivors Network has existed and served in this capacity. In 2019, as aggressive abortion legislation swept the U.S, ASN grew into a 501c3, to boldly stand and humanize survivors and the unborn in a way no one else can. As of 2020, a 501c4 organization has been formed, The Abortion Survivors Network Education and Policy Center.

We’re grateful for the call we’ve been given to create community where there is hope, healing and purpose for abortion survivors and their families and all of you.

The Education and Policy Center HUMANIZES by providing education and outreach to the public about legislative issues which impact survivors and advocates for survivors and the unborn.

We’re thankful to use our lives, our experiences to serve the world and YOU.

Will you join us?

Survivors, visit the Raise our Voices Together and Help & Hope for more information on how we’re here for you and how we’d love to work alongside you. Download our handout below to learn about how we can relate to you.

Supporters of Life, visit the Get Informed & Join the Movement page and Book a Survivor to Speak for specific information about how you can join us on our mission of humanizing the unborn and survivors. Download our handout below for an inside look at 5 things to know about survivors and what to consider when telling a survivor their story.

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