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New Year, New Year’s Resolutions…or Are They?

‘Tis the season. For all things new year related, especially resolutions.

There’s something powerful about anything new.

A fresh start.

A goal.

A desire to finally meet.

Resolutions, we have a few here at The Abortion Survivors Network.

Although, like maybe you’ve experienced, they aren’t so much resolutions, as they are a reminder of what we’re


What we’re committed to, day in and day out.

What are the Top 5 things we’re resolved to do this year?

  1. Offering help and hope to abortion survivors through our community-based approach which provides peer support from fellow survivors and healing support, through our healing workbook, You Are More, virtual small groups, an in-person retreat, and one on one support.
  2. Reaching more survivors and families with our help and hope–although we’ve connected with 358 at the time of writing this, statistics indicate that there are thousands upon thousands more. And as long as abortion continues to occur, and late term abortion expanded, then the likelihood remains high for that number to grow.
  3. Humanizing abortion survivors and dispeling the myths that “failed abortions don’t happen” and “abortion survivors don’t exist” through research, videos, and even a ground-breaking book that will be published later in 2021.
  4. Partnering with passionate people and organizations around the world to humanize the unborn, who need us to be their voice, and making abortion unthinkable, as the humanity of every person is seen.
  5. Working with ministry partners around the globe to bring healing to all those affected by abortion, in particular, families, who desperately need to be served so that the generational impact of abortion can be ended and healed.

If you’re a survivor, we hope you can resolve to join us.

We’d love to help you tackle your list of resolutions like:


-Finding Your Voice

-Beginning to trust others

-Find the answers you’re searching for about your survival

-Find the answer you’re searching for about who you are

-Discovering that you’re not alone in what you’ve experienced and even struggled with

Families of survivors, we’d love to help you as you navigate the waters in what, how, and when to tell your survivor their story. We’d love to help you be supported as a family unit through your healing.

We love that we’re in this together. Although every survivor’s circumstances are different, we have so much in common. No matter how a survivor or family chooses to share their story or not, we understand a lot about what you’re going through.


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