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If you want to change it, saturate it

Culture, that is. Abortion survivors tend to catch people’s attention when we show up, speak out, are highly visible in the pro-life movement or conservative media. But what if a survivor or family doesn’t want to speak up? What if they don’t want to be highly visible? Can they still make an impact? YESSSSSS!! Survivors and families make a difference in the everyday conversations that they have. The healing they choose to undertake. The lessons that they pass on that end the generational impact of abortion. And here’s the thing. The more survivors and families heal, the more sometimes difficult and sometimes ordinary conversations take place, the more survivors are able to BE WHO THEY ARE, unashamedly, unabashedly…… The more we saturate the culture. Yes, surviving an abortion is rare, in the face of the sheer number of those who have not survived. But, we know through data and the experiences of those we connect with, that it’s not as rare as our culture has made it out to be. Our culture has been sold the lie that abortions don’t fail and survivors don’t exist. And yes, we can capture attention when we get involved in highly visible advocacy, but…..there’s power in the ordinary, everyday moments in our lives and culture. You can have an opinion or an idea about who an abortion survivor is…..AND THEN YOU MEET THEM FACE TO FACE. You can live with no knowledge of abortion survivors…….UNTIL YOU SEE THEM IN A CONFERENCE PRESENTING ON A TOPIC THEY’RE TRAINED IN AND EDUCATED ON, THROUGH WHICH THEY WEAVE THEIR STORY FOR REFERENCE. You can take the lies of our culture for truth, UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM YOUR FRIEND THAT THEIR MOM OR THEIR GRANDFATHER survived an abortion. And then……it opens both a world of questions and opportunities…. Survivors and families of survivors deserve to be seen and heard, not marginalized and silenced. Because they have the same inherent dignity and value of everyone else. And…..because their stories are impactful. We are hearing more and more each day about how powerfully impacted people are by “stumbling” across survivors in their everyday lives. How survivors who are being empowered and strengthened by our programs, and equipped to share their stories are showing up in conferences, churches, online conversations…..and it’s changing people’s lives. We believe every survivor and family deserves to be seen and heard in our culture. And as this happens, every human being becomes seen as more than a choice. Abortion becomes unthinkable. Saturate, friends. Saturate our culture. Your life matters. You belong. You don’t have to take a stage to share your story to make a difference. It’s you, being you, that changes everything.


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