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Abortion Survivors & Families Need Support.

Our Culture Needs Truth.

Estimates from the CDC about the incidence of failed abortions indicate there are likely tens of thousands of abortion survivors in the United States alone. Children are still surviving abortions in our world today!

Survivors have significant emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and physical needs that have been unmet for decades before The Abortion Survivors Network was established.

Whether an abortion survivor shares their story publicly or not, they deserve to be supported and healed. They deserve to find their voice and be equipped to use it, however, they feel led to do so. Families of abortion survivors deserve to be set from the secrets, shame, and pain that a failed abortion causes.

Our culture deserves to know the truth about the incidence of failed abortions, the prevalence of abortion survivors, and be changed by our experiences so that a culture of life can be restored.

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As the only advocacy and healing organization worldwide for abortion survivors and families, The Abortion Survivors Network is desperately needed.

We heal the deep emotional scars of abortion, we empower abortion survivors with relationships and community, we equip them with opportunities to make a difference and amplify their voices.

In a world that dehumanizes the unborn, dehumanizes abortion survivors by stating that survivors don’t exist, our efforts in sharing the truth with our culture are also a great need. No one else can break through the lies and dehumanization the way that abortion survivors do.

Your support truly does transform lives, transform families and transform culture.

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As a registered 501c3, The Abortion Survivors Network is dependent upon and grateful for the generosity of our donors, who make our work possible.

Gifts are tax-deductible, impactful, and deeply appreciated. Thank you for considering an investment in our mission to transform the lives of survivors, families and shift our culture.