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As those directly affected by abortion, we’re deeply committed to humanizing the unborn and abortion survivors, who are often dismissed and attacked in our society. We’re committed to healing the wounds of abortion and shifting our culture.

We’re ordinary people, just like you, who feel called to do extraordinary things.

You can depend upon us to stay the course until change happens.

But, we can’t do this alone. And we don’t want to do this alone.

We are a community.

A community of survivors and a community of supporters who see the strength that comes not only in humanizing the inhumane issue of abortion, but also the strength that comes through our relationships.


You can humanize abortion and see change in survivor’s lives, families and our world by joining our transformational movement.

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Get and stay informed! Download our flyer then share this information with others. The more people get to know about us, the more human we become to them, the more human the unborn become, and abortion becomes unthinkable.

Break the cycle of media and cultural silence by sharing survivors’ stories and weekly educational videos from survivors and staff from our website, our social media accounts, newsletters, and our YouTube channel.

Spread the message of hope and humanity by booking a survivor to speak at your event, lecture or meeting (even virtually). Our lives dispel the lies that abortion is a choice or a right. We humanize the unborn and fellow survivors. Our survival and our journeys in overcoming, loving and forgiving are the hope the world needs.

Show your support of survivors and the unborn by using your unique gifts to partner with us through financial gifts, prayer, volunteer and intern support, or joining our board. Give your gift of healing today by clicking here.

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The Abortion Survivor Network is like an oasis. A safe place for survivors to finally share their story, be themselves, be vulnerable, to finally heal.
An Abortion survivor

I felt like such a freak for so many years. I had no idea anyone else there had gone through the same thing. And then I Googled “abortion survivor” and found The Abortion Survivors Network. It changed my life to know I wasn’t alone.
An Abortion survivor

Thank you for giving me a voice.
An Abortion survivor

You are my family.
An Abortion survivor