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Families of survivors: How do you know what to say, when to say it, how to say it?

We know through our experiences as survivors and through our families experiences with us that there are LOTS of questions and concerns that families have.

To support you as you navigate your journey, here are Five Considerations for Families of Survivors:

1. In survivors’ experiences, as painful as learning about our survivals are, it is far better to know the truth than have it be kept a secret.

2. You know the survivor best to know when they’re ready to emotionally handle the information.

3. Most survivors have lots of questions, so try to write down everything you know long before the conversation takes place and gather up any documentation that you have.

4. Create a safe space for the survivor.

• Let the survivor know it’s okay to feel whatever they are feeling.

 • Their feelings are going to change from day to day. They shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for being angry or sad; they shouldn’t be told they have nothing to feel ashamed about.

• Be conscious of the messages the survivor is receiving in our world and be willing to talk about it with them to let them know our culture doesn’t yet recognize the truth about survivors and failed abortions. 

• Create a safe place for the survivor to have conversations with you about these messages they see and hear reflected in our culture, from their friends, even their teachers. As the survivor heals and grows, support them if they choose to educate others on the truth about their life, and respect them if they choose to keep silent about it.

5. Let the survivor know they aren’t alone.

• Let them know that there are hundreds, if not thousands or even tens of thousands of survivors out in the world.

• Look through stories on our website, our messages on social media (maybe even collect some before you share with them so you feel like you have a strong foundation to draw from, yourself). Watch survivor videos on our YouTube channel. 

We’re always here for when a survivor or family member learns they aren’t alone in their experience.

Contact us today to receive more information about how to support the survivor in your life. 

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