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Failed chemical abortion: Denisha’s story

A strong, determined, single mom raised me.

In my 40s, I learned a piece of my story that I wasn’t aware of until now. In October of 1975, my mom found out that she was pregnant with me. In December, she chose to have a complete DNC abortion. By February, she discovered that the abortion had failed, and she was still pregnant. The laws at the time dictated that she was too far along to attempt another abortion. She was angry, afraid, and wanted to sue the hospital. I was born full term in July of 1976,

Finding out this information shocked me. I don’t know how or why, but I am so grateful that I survived. I catch myself thinking, what if, what if I hadn’t survived. What if that December day was the end for me?

Abortion is not a simple fix.

From the decision to the aftermath, there is nothing simple about it.

My mom passed away decades ago, and I wish she were here with me now. If she were, I would tell her that I love her and that I forgive her. I understand that she made the best decision she could during a difficult time.

How can I forgive my mom for the decision that was meant to end my life? 

Friends, you can’t give away what you don’t have. I’ve experienced the love and the forgiveness of Jesus in my life, and I would want her to experience that same kind of love. I’m sharing my story to encourage other women who have had an abortion with forgiveness, healing, and hope. You can reclaim your story through Jesus. 

Maybe my story will shed light on a complicated topic, and maybe during that moment of choice, another woman will choose life. I am the face of choice, and I desire to help humanize the unborn and bring hope and healing to women. 


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