Melissa's New Book

Unsurprisingly, many find it difficult to understand that babies survive abortions. We commonly see the shock and disbelief on a person’s face when we explain that abortions fail, mothers change their minds, and miracles happen every day as babies intended for abortion are born alive.

This inconvenient truth is one that the abortion industry would love to silence but one we want to shout from the rooftops because

where there is life, there is hope.

I am thrilled to give you the “Alive After Abortion” e-book.

This book is filled with stories of hope as abortion survivors share their journeys of resilience, diversity of experiences, and what they want the world to know about them.

You care deeply about life, from preserving it in the womb to helping those hurting heal and thrive. We hope these stories resonate with you and encourage you to shine a light on the darkness of abortion.


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