Breaking the silence of abortion survivors.

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Abortion survivors during Roe Vs Wade

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It's time to break the silence.

It’s time to break the silence. The silence that is held on the shoulders of nearly 90,000 abortion survivors. The secret that the abortion industry doesn’t want anyone to know: babies survive abortions. 

It is time to shed light on the lives and stories of these survivors who are walking among us. It is time for our churches to stand hand in hand to support them. To pledge to continue to walk with them. It’s time the abortion industry is outted for its secrets. If it isn’t a baby then how are these survivors walking among us? They are the face of abortion. The gruesome reality that we have been taking innocent lives. Today is the day you rise up and share the truth.

The faces of survivors.

They are among you and I. Walking, living, thriving. But they have a story. It’s time we share it.








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