Paula Page 

For the record, my name is Paula J. Page and I live in Milton, NH.

I may not be here today if there weren’t skilled doctors & nurses who were able to care for a 3 pound 1 ounce baby girl born February 24th, 1954, after a failed instrument abortion.

I was that baby girl, born two months prematurely. I wasn’t much longer than my father’s hand, in fact, his wedding ring fit on my wrist like a bracelet.

As you can see in the attached document written by my father’s doctor, the story of my life is one that’s both painful, but in the end, beautiful.

I’m alive today, in spite of the best attempt of an instrument abortion being sought by my parents to end my life. Yes, even prior to the Roe v. Wade decision, children like me were sometimes aborted. However, Roe v. Wade has resulted in far more children being aborted with a much more “effectiveness” in execution.

If not for the grace of God and the medical care I received after being born alive after that instrument abortion, I wouldn’t be alive to make a difference in this world today. My husband and I suffered through the heartbreak of four miscarriages before being blessed with four children, three of whom were born early. The doctors and nurses were there to care for each of my babies and give me direction and support that I was grateful for. Medical care should not be a question for children like mine, born prematurely or for survivors like me, born prematurely.

I want to give you a glimpse into the impact of my life as you consider this legislation. 

If I hadn’t survived that abortion, the world would be missing four beautiful people and their subsequent generations that I’m so very proud of. Each is a hardworking member of society that is making a difference in this world. 

My oldest daughter is an RN, a military wife, and a mother of two teen boys.   

My oldest son is a dialysis tech/phlebotomist, and is currently attending nursing school. He’s the father of a 4 year-old-boy and a 2-year-old girl.

My youngest son is a journeyman electrician and the father of five children, (three girls and two boys).

My youngest daughter is a business owner and mother of two (one son, one daughter).

It’s not just future generations born from a survivor that are impacted by abortion. Biological parents are affected, too. Like many survivors, I was raised by my parents after the abortion failed. If I hadn’t survived the abortion, who would have provided care for my parents in their senior years? They both avoided the nursing home because I was alive and had the ability to care for them.

I’m grateful God had His hand on my life before I was born. He knows the purpose for my life. 

As you consider this bill, please consider the impact of each life, impacted by abortion. Please think of me, my four children and eleven grandchildren.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula J. Page